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Arizona K-12 Students Can Now Use ESA Scholarships for WonderED K-12 Academy!

The best virtual school is now available for Arizona students!
  • Applications for the 2024/25 school year become available on MARCH 1ST.

  • At WonderED, you can finish THIS school year at NO COST so your ESA Scholarship can apply to next year!

We know that all families and educators want students to succeed. Some students simply can't thrive in traditional school settings. That's why WonderED K-12 Academy was created. We've developed special information for families and students to explain why WonderED K-12 Academy is among the best accredited virtual schools for students and their families. These scholarships allow Arizona families to choose the BEST education for their children's educational needs.

Applying for the AZ ESA Scholarships

Parents can apply for participation in the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Account program by establishing an ADEConnect account at After applications are processed, the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) will send participating parents an ESA contract. Approximately three weeks after parents sign the contract, funds will be deposited in the student’s ESA account. 

For more AZ ESA info, download The AZ ESA Parent Guide.

Student and family interacting with WonderED K-12 Academy
hispanic girl applying to WonderED K-12 Academy
If your student is not learning, safe, happy, or growing RIGHT NOW, it's time to enroll. It will be free for the remainder of this school year, and your AZ ESA scholarship for next year will cover full tuition!
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