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A WonderED K-12 Academy Community Campus located in Clarksville, TN

Discover the personalized attention and transformative power of Elysian Fields Academy, powered by WonderED K-12. Our learners enroll with WonderED K-12, an accredited state-approved school that provides a competency-based and project-based learning curriculum. While much of student work is done online with access for parents, our small comfortable learning lounges merge online learning with hands-on activities, creating an alternative to homeschool that caters to each child's unique assessments. This tailored educational journey fosters socialization and community-building skills, ensuring every student thrives in a nurturing environment. Join us at Elysian Fields Academy, where every student's potential is unleashed with passion and purpose!


Our Focus at Elysian:

Military Families Near

Fort Campbell, KY

We cater to the unique needs of military families near Fort Campbell with portable and flexible schedules that seamlessly integrate with transitions and students with IEPs that require a smaller environment with a more 1:1 hands-on approach to learning. Dedicated military transition coaches provide essential support, ensuring smooth transitions from Clarksville, with the ability to continue with WonderED from any military post worldwide.

Schoolgirl Using Laptop

Learning and Academics

at Elysian

Wonder Ed K-12 curriculum meets DOD education standards, delivering proven long-term success stories. Our WonderED curriculum provides competency-based, personalized learning that incorporates academics within projects driven by the students' interests and passions - bringing the “wonder” back into learning. When your child enrolls, we do an assessment of their skills and learning in academics. Then, your child's learning pathway is designed specifically for them. Our curriculum is based on achieving competencies, not "seat time"!  

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Advantages for

Elysian Students

Personalized Learning: Every child is a world of possibilities. We honor their strengths, interests, and learning styles.

Cozy Classes: We have small class sizes to make sure every child gets the attention they deserve in a nurturing environment.

Inquiry-Based Learning: Curiosity is the key. Our students learn by asking, discovering and getting their hands in it!

Adaptable Curriculum: Our curriculum evolves as our students do. We love integrating real-world experiences and experiential learning

Community-Centric: We're more than just a school, we're a family. Learning coaches, parents and students collaborate make every child's education a triumph.

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