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Why would parents and families choose
WonderED Academy as their online school for K-12?

Because they want their children to be
Learning, Safe, Happy, and Growing.


  • Meeting or exceeding skills and competencies required for graduation

  • Assessed on Skill Mastery, not Letter Grades 

  • Competencies tied to traditional content as well as important life skills



  • No physical threats

  • No bullying

  • Respected (not judged) for WHO they are


  • Not bored with school!

  • Having a sense of belonging

  • Developing relationships

  • Exhibiting social and emotional satisfaction



  • Gaining confidence in their learning capabilities

  • Building real-life skills
  • Developing personal interests and mastery

  • Finding direction and setting goals

So how do we deliver on that promise?

WonderED school counselor


We bring wonder into your child's learning by using an innovative methodology called Project-Based Learning (PBL). This helps to increase your child’s engagement and a pathway to graduation.

WonderED K12 Academy provides competency-based, personalized learning that incorporates academics within projects driven by the student's interests and passions - bringing the “wonder” back into learning. When your child enrolls, we do an assessment of their skills and learning in academics. Then, your child's learning pathway is designed specifically for them. Our curriculum is based on achieving competencies, not "seat time"!  

A WonderED Success Coach will be assigned to your child as their partner in guiding the child's learning. You will serve as your child's learning partner as well,  logging into our flexible WonderED Tech™ to see the real-time status and progress of your child’s work and their evidence of learning!


Your child will graduate with competence in academics and highly desired 21st-century career skills - collaboration, creativity, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving.


Our world is one where we do not always feel safe. That can be true for schools as well. At WonderED Academy, your child's online school for K12 can be accessed from wherever they feel safe. Away from bullies, school violence, and other situations that detract from learning.

WonderED Student doing project based learning
WonderED father and student


"I hate school". You may have heard that directly from your child, which may be the result of their experience in traditional schools. It may be related to issues with relationships, a sense of educational failure, lack of respect, emotional difficulties, plain old boredom, or any combination of those factors. At WonderED Academy, we have developed an online school for K12 designed to address all of those issues and bring happiness back to your child's educational experience.


All families want to see their children succeed, and that success is based on confidence. At WonderED, how the child learned in the past is irrelevant. We start fresh with each student and develop an educational journey specifically for your child, in which they learn at their own pace. Each moment of success breeds learning confidence, engagement, and growth in learning.

WonderED online student

What Families Say

"My kindergartner is trying this out, and he absolutely loves going to school now. They have a learning coach and the head director is very responsive if you have any questions or concerns. They have a unique approach to learning, and my child is learning more here than he ever did in public schools. The children are rewarded for their good behavior and work there. This is the dream school to send my child too, and they have flexible options. Please check them out, I am extremely satisfied with this Academy."

 Karen W.


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