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The best online high school is right at your keyboard.

As a private school, we have created a truly customized program to fill gaps and meet students at their level.  There is no forced progression. No failing.  No falling behind.  Students simply work at their own pace and skill level.  We let you live your life while chasing your future!
WonderED online high school student

Built for Success

WonderED's Explorer and Career/Dual Enrollment Program – a personalized educational journey designed to empower each individual to chase their dreams, develop their passions, and acquire invaluable skills that will continue to benefit them long after they graduate.

In a world where cookie-cutter education often fails to nurture the unique potential of every student, WonderED's Explorer and Career/Dual Enrollment Program stands out as a beacon of personalized learning. We understand that no two students are alike, and we celebrate these differences by crafting educational experiences that are tailor-made for each person who walks through our digital doors. It's why we are considered among the best online high schools.


By tailoring our program to the unique interests of each student, we ignite a spark of curiosity that drives them to explore and excel in their chosen fields. Whether your heart beats for the arts, sciences, entrepreneurship, or something entirely different, WonderED's Explorer and Career/Dual Enrollment Program will provide you with the tools and opportunities to pursue your passion with unmatched enthusiasm.

Best online high school diploma graduates

The best online high school diploma

When WonderED Academy students demonstrate mastery of the various competencies, they reach the final step in their journey.  Instead of simply a traditional High School Diploma, students can either choose a College or Career Pathway. 

Career Credentials 

WonderED Academy has partnered with several recognized leaders in Career Education, to provide access to over 100 Career-Specialized Credentials.   

Early College

WonderED Academy is connected with several colleges and universities to offer college credit and Associate's Degree options.  

WonderED Online High School Student

Ready to Wonder?

As you embark on your educational voyage with WonderED, you will find a supportive community of educators, mentors, and fellow students who are dedicated to your growth and success. We foster an environment where you can take risks, make mistakes, and learn from every experience. This nurturing atmosphere allows you to thrive, helping you build resilience and confidence that will stay with you long after graduation day.

In the ever-evolving landscape of education and employment, WonderED's Explorer and Career/Dual Enrollment Program is your compass, guiding you toward a future filled with purpose, passion, and potential. Join us, and let's embark on a journey that is uniquely yours, where the pursuit of your interests and the acquisition of life-changing skills go hand in hand, ensuring a brighter and more fulfilling tomorrow.

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