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WonderED online student

No high-stakes testing

No facts to memorize 

No stress learning


Say YES To…

  • Real World Skills

  • Exploring things that make you wonder

  • Focusing on YOUR interests

  • Fully Accredited Diploma



Take the stress and repetition out of education and bring the fun and love of learning back at one of the best online schools for students!


What's so great about WonderED Academy?
It's one of the best online schools for virtual students.

It's everything you ever wanted in a school.

Your learning, your voice, your pace, from anywhere, anytime. 


Student-Centered Learning

We use an innovative approach to education that is student-centered. That means that you choose not only what to study but also how and why. No more school boredom! All your academics are intertwined with the projects that you choose!


Your voice and pace

We allow you to work at your own pace, at any time, and from anywhere. That ensures that you will achieve the skills and competencies that are needed before you move on to the next level of learning. You have control over where you want to be, and when! Want to learn faster? Go for it! Want to learn at a different pace? It's all yours! At one of the best online virtual schools for students!


We provide a technology solution, WonderED Tech™, which allows virtual students to work at any time from anywhere, 24/7. You’re not “stuck” with school from 8-3 every day! You’ll easily know what you’ve accomplished and what remains to be done. 


A learning pathway that fits YOU!

We don’t assess you by what “grade” you are in when you enroll as traditional schools do. Instead, we assess where you are by your skillsets and competencies. Then, you and your Success Advisor will design the learning pathway that is specifically for you, that will lead to your graduation. When that happens is up to you! But the love of learning that you develop will be with you for a lifetime. Truth!


Your very own Success Advisor

We provide you with a WonderED Academy Success Advisor who serves as your partner and coach for learning as well as your overall school experience. Partner is the key description.


A diploma from an accredited school that is accepted by colleges and trade schools

Because we are accredited, a WonderED Academy education allows you to continue your education at the college or trade school of your choice. Or jump right into the work world with your 21st-Century skills!

We produce self-sufficient, real-world-ready graduates with real-world credentials.

Real Students, Real Comments

"Talking with a small group of my classmates was interesting, knowing that we could agree or disagree on something and still be able to talk about it and even change some of their opinions was nice. We all were super sweet and friendly to each other even if we disagreed on something."

Victoria T.

WonderED Student, Oct. 2023

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