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WonderED K12 Academy is Among the Best Online Private Schools:
Where Students are
Learning, Safe, Happy, and Growing 



Learning is different for every child, and traditional schools are not always able to meet every student's needs. At WonderED K12 Academy, each student’s learning pathway is designed uniquely for them and their situation - because we understand that every child learns differently and at different speeds. And their work can be done from anywhere at any time, making education fully adaptable to the student's and family's needs.  Most importantly, WonderED creates student agency that develops the student's lifetime love of learning - and how to use it in career and life. That is why we are among the best online schools!


Parents with WonderED Academy, the best K12 online school
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Students and school counselor at WonderED Academy
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Students on WonderED Community Campus

Though we are a private K-12 school, we also accept School Choice Scholarships to defray the cost of tuition. 

Here at WonderED K-12 Academy, we accept students from everywhere

in the United States.  Many states have adopted School Choice programs, allowing families to have the ability to choose the school they want their children to attend, rather than being assigned to a specific public school based on where they live. 

We are happy to report that we are an approved school in several of those states, with more frequently being added.  Click below for state specific information.

What types of online students thrive at
WonderED K-12 Academy? 

Needs Student Engagement

Sometimes students need or want a more dynamic, engaging and interesting way of learning.

Community Campus Students

Students who use our curriculum combined with a local educational facility

Needs More Skills Than Just Academics

Needs Fast Track to Graduation

Students may want to graduate early! All learning is at their own pace.

Have a Diversity of Needs

Some students just not do well in a traditional educational setting. But because of our educational, flexible approach, they blossom at WonderED K-12 Academy.

Wants Voice in Their Own Learning

Social and emotional learning can be a great complement to already high academic capabilities.

Military and Traveling Families

Students who want choices in how, when, and what they learn are ideal for WonderED K-12 Academy.

Needs Non-Traditional Education

If you move or travel often, WonderED is the place for you! Do your work anytime, from anywhere, 24/7. No educational interruption!

Not all students do well in the constraints of brick-and-mortar. Neurodiverse, gifted and highly creative students flourish at WonderED.

Marches to Their Own Drummers

Every student learns differently, and perhaps not the way traditional schools sometimes expect. If students are drumming, WonderED is listening.

Our Students Tell Our Story Best

"Thank you.  You have no idea of what this means to me (graduating).  From being bullied in high school by coaches, students and health issues. Every staff member whom I have had contact with has been helpful, amazing, and really has tried to help me be positive, believe in me and it has changed my outlook.  Thank you for being a part of this journey for me."

-Cayden D.

Class of '23

Portrait of a dreamy girl in a pink sweater holding a planner and a pen and standing near
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Our Programs

WonderED curriculum is a skill-focused set of research-based competencies.  Students not only experience deeper learning but also practice and master these skills.

Students progress from Early Learners to Experienced Learners, mastering common concepts, topics, and skills.  When ready, they choose between a Career Credential or Associate's Degree as the path to graduation. 

Our Philosophy

What if… 
We allowed students to drive their own learning?  
Let them explore their interests, master skills, and grow at their own pace, all while challenging them to think critically and creatively?
This is Student Agency. Student Ownership. Student Success.   
This is WonderED!

WonderED K-12 Academy! 

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