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West Virginia K-12 Students Can Now Use West Virginia Hope Scholarships for WonderED K-12 Academy!

The West Virginia Hope Scholarship is accepted at WonderED - among the best Online Virtual Schools!

​Attention homeschoolers and private school students: to qualify for the Hope Scholarship the student must be enrolled in public school for 45 calendar days. You may choose an online option if you feel that is what's best for your child. We here at WonderED will help you navigate this process every step of the way. Please use our contact form for more information, and someone will reach out to you shortly. 
In order to receive 100% funding, you must apply between March 1st and June 15th.

Hope Scholarship FAQs

The Hope Scholarship is a new program that will give West Virginia parents more flexibility and choices, allowing families to use state-allocated funds to customize their child’s education. More than 90% of West Virginia students will qualify for the program! Find out more information and apply for the Hope Scholarship here.

West Virginia student at WonderED K12 Academy
If your student is not learning, safe, happy, or growing RIGHT NOW, it's time to enroll using your West Virginia Hope Scholarship! 
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Student and family interacting with WonderED K-12 Academy
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