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Student Success Scholarship Ideas for College and University Tuition Fees for education, i

ALL families that qualify for a Universal ESA (School Choice) will pay zero out-of-pocket!


​2023-24 Tuition

Grades K-12


WonderED K-12 Academy makes every attempt to make our school affordable to any student and family.  We accept students from everywhere and currently participate in many states that offer School Choice Scholarship/ESA options (and we are working to add more)! 

*ALL  families that qualify for a Universal ESA will pay zero out-of-pocket.    

*Our $0.00 Out-of-Pocket Pledge!

WonderED K-12 Academy provides individual Growing Academic Potential (GAP) scholarships to families to close the gap between ESA (scholarship) funding and total tuition. We are committed to providing a high-quality education with zero out-of-pocket costs to families in states that have Universal School Choice options.  Click below for state specific scholarship information.

Please feel free to call our office to discuss your specific situation, (727) 900-5186. 

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